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How To SellYour House Fast

When people are looking to sell their house, thefirst thing they think of is talking to their Realtor.   In fact, there are different methods you canuse to sell your house.

Which one should you use?

This article walks you through how to sell your house fastand the various methods you have at your disposal.


1)            Using a Realtor

 When most people needto sell their house, this is the first option they consider.   The following factors are important when youconsider selling your house this way.

First, the house must be in good or perfect condition.   Unless your house sticks out, you havelittle chance of selling it because there are too many perfect properties settingon the market.

Second, you must have enough equity in the home to pay thereal estate commissions and sell it at a discount.   There are so many properties priced at hugediscounts that you stand little chance of selling a house priced at full marketvalue.

 Third, you cannot bein a hurry. Lots of houses are sitting on the market for months and don't evensell.  Unless you can wait, this optionis not for you.


2)            Selling your house yourself

This is the For Sale By Owner method.

Basically you have to do everything yourself - look forbuyers, run any advertising campaigns, negotiate the price, show the house, dothe paperwork, etc

 Someone sellingthrough a Realtor gets advice, but in this case it's all up to you.

 And you must payclosing costs even when you sell your house yourself. If you have a lot of timein your hands and you have some experience in the real estate market, this maybe an open option for you.


3)            Sell your house to a real estate investor

 It is likely thereare people who buy and sell houses where you live.   They probably rent them out, or re-sell themafter rehab.

 Real estate investorshave flexible methods that allow them to buy your house even when it may lookimpossible.

 This could be if youare facing foreclosure, your house needs rehab or you don't even haveequity.  If you are flexible, most realestate investors can work with you and buy your house no matter which situationyou face.

They can stop foreclosure by making all the late backmortgage payments, make mortgage payments for you every month and finallycomplete the sale relieving you of stress associated with the property.

 Most real estateinvestors have cash and can close in a few days depending on situations.

 They have teams ofprofessionals who take care of everything - attorneys, contracts, rehab,closing, etc.

Talk to a real estate investor in your area and see whatthey can do for you when you need to sell your house fast.

Adam Vienneau is a real estate investor in FresnoCalifornia. He has worked on many real estate deals and helps home sellersthrough most real estate situations. When you need to sell your home fast,Reggie may be able to help. For more information, please check