Australia Permanent Residence- What to do when Australia PR expires?
Australia Permanent Residency Visa

Australia Permanent Residency Visa

Australia PR status is a legal permit to travel to and from Australia for living, working, and studying purposes within 5 years or before the arrival of the five-year period, or is eligible to apply for a resident’s return visa otherwise; it is likely that you may lose the hard-earned permanent status. 

A lot of limelight is put into how to apply for Australia Permanent Residency Visa but there are very few posts related to what will happen if Australia Permanent Residency expires? So, here we will focus on some key points that might help us with permanent resident visa Australia. 

In actuality, does Australia’s permanent residence visa expire?

As a permanent resident visa holder of Australia, you are granted an indefinite period of time in the country.However, the card is valid for five years. This means you are free to travel to and from Australia within five years after the approval. The Australia PR visa will only cancel your Australian access right (Travel Facility).

So, if at all your Australia PR access expires and you do not want to lose the citizenship nor the right to freely travel to Australia,you are required to apply for 155/157 resident return visa (RRV) also known as“continued PR.”

The resident return visa allows you to stay permanently in Australia. Only their access rights (Travel Facility) is divided into five years (155), one year (155) and three months (157). The resident return visa for Australia residency permanent visa depends on the visa category, connection with the country, length of time,etc.  

You can apply for resident return visa if you have lived in Australia for a cumulative period of two years as an Australian citizen or permanent resident in the past five years, the applicant may apply for a 155 visa that is valid for five years. 

What are the Resident Return Visa Subclass 155 and 157 requirements?

  • You should be an Australia Permanent Resident
  • You should have lived in Australia for a period of 2 years out of five years
  •  For being eligible to 5 years, 155 resident return visa you have to live for at least 2 years out of five years in Australia
  •  For being eligible to 155 Resident Return Visa,you have to spend at least one day legally in the duration of five years
  •  There should be no changes or addition in your birth document 
How can Aptech Global help you with Permanent Resident Visa Australia?

Australian Permanent Residency visa allows an applicant to live permanently in the country till the time visa is valid. However, to continue staying legally in Australia as a permanent resident, you are required to either apply for Australian citizenship or renew the PR card. 

For further information related to Australia Permanent Residency Visa, contact the visa and immigration experts of Aptech Global. The experts will guide you to solve all Australia Permanent Resident visa doubts.