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Youthought the bully in the playground days were over. Now, you have a bully atwork. Here are some reliable tips that will make that bully take up a newinterest in something else and make all those bad times go away.


●     Go to your employee assistance office if you have one. Usually,they call it the Human Resources Department or HR. Get some advice from aprofessional there. Hopefully, that is not the person who is giving you the"blues." If it is, seek a good Workplace Harassment attorney.


●     Reread your employee manual under harassment and study itthoroughly. Know your rights and exercise them.


●     Your thoughts are probably to hire someone to teach that persona lesson but do not do that. Instead, look for a good Workplace Harassmentattorney.


●     Find out this person's true colors, gather as much informationas you can.


●     You need to keep accurate records, emails, telephone calls,photos, and other detailed information about this harassment—documenteverything.


●     Now, this is when you roll out your legal guns. But, beforegoing to an attorney. Make sure you gather up enough ammo to sink this person'sship.


Soif you find yourself in the hopeless situation of workplace harassment,attention to detail and readiness to listen to your case is the solution togetting started on a positive track toward your future. If you want aninspiring, experienced, and dedicated workplace harassment attorney torepresent you, reach the law office of Niral Patel Injury Law, the Best Workplace Harassment Attorney in Snta Ana, CA, at 1-805-748-9317.