Bridal Make-up
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Due to the variety of wedding culture and tradition in the differentstates of India, the ‘perfect’ bridal look also differs widely. The look alsodepends on the wedding eventin particular. The sangeet, cocktail party, haldi,and the grand finale, the wedding pheraas, all demand their own look.

·       The Sangeet or Engagement day

The Sangeet is the first major event in awedding. The bride is usually in an ethnic outfit and jewelry. The make-up isglamourous enough to accentuate the beautiful features of the bride but it isimportant to not overdo it. It is best to use water proof makeup and a highcoverage foundation so that there are no worries holding the bride back fromshaking a leg with her friends and family on this special day.

·       Cocktail party

The cocktail party is a fairly new addition tothe events leading up to the event. The traditional Indian wedding gets aslight western twist on the cocktail party day. The dress code can be westernformals or Indian. If opting for a western look, its best to match everythingand have a western look go along with the outfit, shaded eyes and lush lipswill look perfect. For an Indian look, brides tend to move away from thetraditional styles into a more Bollywood glam look. This day is perfect as itlets the bride look sexy for the hubby and friends but remain traditional forthe elders.

·       Haldi

Finally, the day of the wedding arrives. Thehaldi is a daytime ceremony where the bride usually opts for yellow tones inthe outfit with traditional yet simplistic jewelry. Dewy, natural glow andbright eyes and lush lips is a make-up look you can’t go wrong with on thisday. Make sure to put some highlighter on those cheekbones and take fulladvantage of the sun’s glow.

·       The Wedding

The Grand Finale, every little girl’s dream, thewedding. Brides are dressed all out and they catch the eye of every singleperson attending. The most important thing to wear on this day which you mustnot forget at any costs is a 100-watt smile. Let the world know of your happiness.The makeup should be well balanced and not over the top. Ask the makeup artistto focus on accentuating your natural beauty and lines. The pictures from todaywill the revisited and treasured in the days to come.


North-Indian weddings are known all over theworld for their glam and pomp. The brides are show stopping, the grooms dashingand the venues are decorated beautifully. One of the main people behind thebride’s confidence and beauty during the wedding is the make-up artist. The make-up artists in Chandigargh, Pankhkula and Mohali areknown to make the bride’s beauty bloom like a flower in the spring. If you’regetting married anytime soon and are looking for a great make-up artist you canentrust your special day to, the best place to look are the make-up artists inChandigargh, Pankhkula and Mohali.