Best TAG Heuer Chronograph Watch For Sale UK
This year's TAG Heuer Chronograph features a new design with a light-colored diameter of 43 mm and a dark brown, dark blue and elegant design. All chrono movements are marked with a red marking to pay tribute to the car, including the second central hand, the 30 minute chronograph, the 12 hour chronograph and the start / stop button. The appearance of a more dynamic style of the original craft movement to HEUER-01, which expressed the respect of the founder Edouard Heuer, of which 01 represents the chronograph of the new era of this beginning. The polished ceramic tachometer with a shiny and iconic modular structure 12, consisting of a polished steel housing, echoes one another. The Heuer HEUER-01 classic hollow disc and the TAG Heuer Sapphire table show the movement of mechanical beauty. The TAG Heuer chronograph watch and the hollow window of the calendar can be seen from the side of the dial. Rear table of the column of the red column and the entire hollow disk rail, black PVD pendu