Significant Factors Behind The Fear of Students, While Asking For Help
Students are usually afraid to ask for help because of the feeling that they will be judged or mocked by others.

There are various factors behind this issue as most of the students are usually new to the campus or they are shy to ask for help as they assume that they would be looked down upon by teachers or their seniors. Moreover, they are unable to figure out their anxiety and stress, which is obvious due to the pressure of their studies and hectic schedules along with approaching deadlines. Another important reason for them being afraid is that they come from diverse backgrounds and languages and they often feel difficult to ask for help or assistance due to the language and cultural barriers that they face. These issues are not only faced by new students, but this dilemma can be faced by senior students also, who are introvert or shy and are unable to express themselves during their whole period of obtaining the degree.

There can be various significant factors reasons due to which students often feel afraid to ask for help. Some of them are as follows:

·        Unable to understand their needs for help

Most of the students, while entering college or university life, come across these issues of confusion and naivety. They are usually inexperienced or immature, and they are often unaware of their need for getting help. Teachers must provide a safe and encouraging environment to the students to make them feel welcome so that their confidence can bloom and they can ask for help whenever they feel there is a need. There are various ways, which can be found at “Law Assignment Help UK”, through which the students can discover, whether they need help or not.

·        Fear of getting judged

The students who are new at the campus or who are shy, usually get afraid to ask for help when they need it the most. They often have the feeling that others might judge them. These thoughts make them unable to ask for help, and even if their fears are only assumptions, still they happen with most of the students. Every human being has this fear of getting judged by others at some part of their lives. However, the students need to understand that others have nothing to do with their lives or their issues. Everybody in this world has problems or issues as nobody is perfect in this world. Even if the people judge you for a few moments, their attention span will divert as soon as they see another person's story. Therefore it is useless to think about others and their judgments and do whatever you think is right.

·        Not being understood

It happens with most of the students of the young generation, who assume that the generation gap between them and their teachers will not allow their teachers to understand their point of view or their concerns. This might be correct sometimes, but in most cases, teachers there to understand each and every confusion which their students have. Most of the teachers are learned, and trained professionals and they know that helping students in their confusion and issues is a part of their job. Therefore regarding every teacher with the same judgment is not correct, and they should be given firm trust and confidence from their teachers that whenever they need them, the teachers will be right there for helping them.

·        Fear of getting rejected

This is understood as one of the biggest fears that students have in their school as well as college life, because of which they usually don't ask for help. In order to get away from the feeling and fear of being rejected, they must realize that asking for help not always gives you a rejection. There might be some very nice colleagues, seniors or teachers who really want to help you and this fear of rejection might get you backward. Hence, once you feel that you need help, you must seek for help and guidance from your colleagues or teachers.

·        Cultural or language barriers

The young students are usually less confident than the senior ones. They often come from diverse backgrounds and families, and they often face cultural or language barriers while discussing their issues. For this issue, the teachers or management of the college universities should develop some societies or groups, which should have a student representative from each cultural background who are studying at the universities. These societies and groups empower the students from their backgrounds with sufficient facilities and assistance so that students may feel free to ask whatever bothers them, and they are encouraged to ask for help whenever they need it.

Final words,

Student life is not easy. It is often understood as an amalgamation of fears, rewards, goals, and achievements. However, if the students are provided with sufficient facilities and space for being themselves, they can surely bloom with confidence which can make their journey of student life much easier and fruitful. Moreover, asking for help should never be understood as a bad or inferior thing, as it can open doors for better understanding and smooth learning of the students in their future endeavors.

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