Importance of Customer Service in Hotel Business
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Importance of Customer Service in Hotel Business

Hotel business has changed drastically in last ten or twenty years. Importance of customer satisfaction has grown immensely. People aren’t satisfied with ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Customers today look for memorable experiences and dynamic service when and where it matters. To define customer service is like ‘provision of services to customers before, during and after a purchase’. Customer service involves carrying out series of events aimed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction i.e. the very feeling that a productor services has lived up to customer expectations. Remember the famous saying,‘customer is always right’.

Customers are the lifeline for any business. In this sense,it becomes important to understand the value of quality customer service. It helps to create businesses to create new customers, retain the loyal ones, andpave ways for future customers.

The importance that a customer gets may vary depending on product, service, industry or the customer himself. The success of such initiatives is largely depends on employees of the hotel who need to adjust themselves according to the personality of the guest.

Excellent customer service is one of the viral reasons behind the success of any business. It is the first time when a client goes one on one with the business representative or staff. It is the first opportunity for a business to amaze with their clients and create a long-lasting impression on them. For the customer to come back to the business, businesses need to deliver what was promised in the first place and exceed it wherever possible.  

It is the need of every business to keep their customers and clients happy. But in the hotel industry, it is even more important to keep the guest engaged so that the business can grow and prosper. Good customer service is the important pert to see the success, but it is even more important in the hotel industry, where guests look on to the staff for help in making their stayas soothing and comfortable as possible.

There will always a difference between good and great service. Great service develops a feeling inside the customer that you care for them and willing to forge a long-term relationship, which is more than just making a sale. Quality customer service brings more benefits to a hotel than media advertisements. Improving ‘the first contact’ with customers is one of the main driving forces behind customer satisfaction. Good listening skills and questioning techniques can prove indispensible while interacting with customers.

One thing hoteliers must never forget that is to constantly innovate new ways to meet the expectations and provide quality service to customers. The customer should be considered as the centre of the universe and services need to be designed around them. Rewarding the positive initiatives taken by the staff, interacting and sharing information with them on a day-to-day basis, empowering personnel, fostering wellness, and listening to your intuitions are some small but effective ways for hotel staff to create the kind of guest experience and customer service ethics that will be recognized by your customers.

Without giving a single thought your position, if we respond quickly and effectively to customer’s request, chances are good that they would plan to stay longer or buy more from you. Today, companies all over the world are recognizing the benefits of good service for retaining and winning customers. Customers with memorable experience stay loyal to your hotel. In return, your workforce becomes more sophisticated and well-equipped.

For instance, you can take the example of Rwanda which is basically a service-based economy laying more emphasis on delivering high-end products and services at all levels. The result is that most of their hotels remain preoccupied during December- a time when a lot of people spend their holidays. Providing services like these will not only make your esteemed guests stay longer, but also makes them visit Rwanda again as their preferred destination.

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